5 number fire bet made the other night using a cool dice technique

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    5 number fire bet made the other night 2018/04/18 using a cool dice technique.

    I had something in mind the other day at the table.
    My dice set was giving me repeating numbers almost back to back but I already had that fire bet lamer on a repeating number.

    I tried something that made me realize that this is much easier that I've ever imagined.

    Here is what I did?

    1) I started my roll with my standard dice set of 6's up, 3's on the thumb area, two's facing the right.
    (Result was I've rolled a couple repeating nines showing 6,3 up)

    2) What I did was instead of setting my dice set back to 6's up, 3's on the thumb area, two's facing the right.
    I put left side dice 6 up BUT... I changed the right side dice showing the probability of outcome (the next number i need to roll which is a 10. (6 on top, but the 4 on the thumb area with 5 to the right)
    This minor adjustment allowed me to roll a back to back 10 giving me one of the harder points.

    3) Keeping this in mind I then asked myself what I needed to do to roll a 4 on come out roll.
    What I did was started with my set (6's up, 3's on the thumb area, two's facing the right) then rotating each dice to form an outcome of 4. (Adjusted left dice to 2 on top, right side dice 5 on top) resulting in a new number... you guessed it the 4 and it was a hard 4 to boot became the new point.

    This was way too easy. Maybe a bit of luck also but all in all was pretty easy. Although I did go through 3 extra numbers that already had a fire bet lamer, I managed to get to 5 points made.

    I tried for the 6th point but resulted in another repeat number followed by a seven out just a couple rolls later. (The 6th number needed was a 6 but instead the point was a 10. I adjusted the dice accordingly starting from my set (6's up, 3's on the thumb area, two's facing the right) unfortunately a couple rolls later the seven out was result.

    I just wanted to share this. Again maybe it's just luck because I did it one time and left the casino after my firebet payout) but who knows maybe we are on to something.

    This would also work with the all/tall/small

    What also was very crazy weird was I rolled those 5 numbers pretty fast with just a couple times repeating numbers.

    I hope someone else can chime in that may have also done this. Maybe this technique has opened a new door to me in the craps world.

    I'm feeling confident in betting the BUY4's and BUY10's now paying out 2:1

    I'm gonna continue to experiment with this adjusted dice technique on future visits to the table but mostly on come out rolls just to be safe because with the adjusting dice sets, I'm not sure what sevens will roll in the outcomes.

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    This is known as the crossed 6s which reduces the possible on axis 7s
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