A Differrent Don't Pass System

Discussion in 'Advanced Craps' started by djj711, Feb 25, 2010.

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    I was a pass line player for 20 years but finally switched over to the don't because I was tired of being hammered by the 7. Anyway, here is what I've been doing with some success; I will try to keep it brief:

    $25 don't pass with full odds, usually $150. Then I place the remaining numbers at $25 each. My goal is to hit a few numbers and then come down entirely, just leaving my original $25 DP bet on the table. Here's what I've experienced: out of 10 rolls...two are going to be a Point-7, meaning a push. One will be a point-point, meaning if 8 is the point, the shooter will make another 8 on the very next roll, so I lose the whole $175 DP. That leaves 7 rolls to make money. During those 7 I can usually collect one or two place numbers hitting, then come down. If the shooter makes his point & I lose the $25, it's the house's money so it becomes another push. At the end of the 10 rolls I might be up $100-200 depending on the table. I have found this to work well on cold and choppy tables. It obviously doesn't do well when a hot streak comes, which always seems to happen.

    Just curious if anyone else has tried something like this and what the results were.

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    A couple of points:

    Consider buying the 4 and 10, save a couple of percent on the HA for those. If you place 6/8 for $25, you are not getting the full 7:6 payoff, as they do not pay fractions of a dollar.

    Your system is a hedge, offsetting when the seven hits after you have made your place bets. This reduces volatility, which may be your aim, but also limits your winnings and hence your probability of coming out ahead.

    I will fool around with this in WinCraps when I get a chance and let you know the results.
    Alan Shank

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    I have done this, and it does work great on choppy tables. To further your hedge if the point is even throw a few bucks on the hardway to lessen the chance of losing. Another thing I like to do with this system, is in addition to placing the inside numbers throw a DC out there. If your inside number hits, take it down now you have two don'ts. Another inside hits take all the place bets down and you have three don'ts. What does wack you is a comeback 7, but if your going to lay odds it will offset that hit.
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    This system is specifically for the beginning craps player. If you are just getting started or maybe you’re not quite comfortable at the craps table but would like to play without mass confusion and major money loss then this system is for you. As with any system related to gambling, you will need strong self-discipline. The don’t pass system is rewarding if your patient. I would suggest the following approach:

    The only bets you make will be on the don’t pass.

    When a player makes a point or throws a natural on the come out roll; stop betting and wait until the shooter sevens out before you make another bet.

    If the shooter rolls a 4 or 10 as the point number, then you should bet two more times on the don’t come in addition to your don’t pass wager. By chance if your first don’t come wager loses then don’t make the second don’t come bet.

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