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    This is the 3rd post I have been asked to talk about since last May.

    Many purveyors of craps information maintain the best number array to shoot from is the Hardways. They claim a single pitch cannot cause a 7-out. Okay, here is another rule of dice. A double pitch cannot cause a 7-out.

    Let’s look at risk levels of number arrays. This meaning like Hardways or the 3V

    and so on. Standard Deviation is a great tool to use for this purpose. Let’s look.
    SD for…..

    HW*********** 1.373

    3V************* .9875

    2V************* .782

    X6************* .4976

    It’s obvious the Hardway number arrays have the greatest risk. There is a however. We offer a program that will fix your favorite dice set. All 576 if need be.