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    Man Steals 3-Foot-Tall, 40-Pound Dildo From Las Vegas Sex Shop

    Well, this is certainly a wild and unexpected story. Turns out a very amusing crook decided to pull off quite a crime, by literally stealing a giant dildo from a Las Vegas sex shop. Yes, you read that right, a giant dildo. What the unidentified man was going to do with this dildo it’s still unknown, but I mean, maybe he has a thing for sexual art or just really weird sex toys.

    The masked man was captured on surveillance footage in broad daylight as he went into the Deja Vu Love Boutique in Sin City on July 14th. He then nonchalantly just grabs the massive 3 foot tall, 40-pound dildo standing on the sales floor. Even just picks it up over his right shoulder and then leaves the adult store, cramming the said dildo inside his vehicle and driving off. You know, just a regular day in Las Vegas, nothing to see here.

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