has anybody tried shooting from the opposite hand???

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    I am right handed and my shot is "sometimey" because i'll have a monster roll 1 time..then 7 out immediately the next. So i been trying different grips and throws trying to find consistantcy. I recently tried shooting with my left hand..and to my suprise i been rolling better...im wondering has anyonw else tried this and if so..we u more successful or about the same as other hand?
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    That exact same scenario was discussed on a PARR forum mid 2010 -

    Apparently what the experts attitude was -

    You incur too much " baggage / garbage " with your dominant hand -

    When you switch to your non-dominant hand -

    You are forced to initiate a " new learning curve " with " new muscle memory " -

    That being said -

    If you can shoot ambidextorous -

    GO FOR IT -

    That will never hurt you -


    A few months ago I severely injured my right palm when a push stick on a table saw came back into my hand and did a job on my right hand -

    I am right-handed, also -

    During my recovery period, I went to the casino, and not wanting to chance compromising the healing process -

    I elected to shoot left-handed after passing the dice for one or two turns -

    I shoot from SO, use a 3FF grip and impart a lot of backspin on the dice -

    Although I practiced this ( left hand toss ) a little at home -

    It was " different " than what I was accustomed to -

    As my hand has healed -

    I have ceased throwing left handed -

    And am now focusing on different grips and delivery tactics , right handed, of course !
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    Yes I have had to shoot lefthanded a few times due to table position.I played the dont pass and won each time maybe I should change my strategy?
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