Hit the All, Tall, Small and made some money for myself and a lot for a High Roller.

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    I was playing at a $25 table with my low stakes bankroll and there was a high roller playing on the other side along with a few other players. I was my turn to shoot I went 10/10/10 on the all, tall, small, and the high roller went 100/100/100. I started hitting some numbers and finally made a point and I got to the point where I only had the 3 and 12 left. So I roll the dice and bam box cars the table gets excited. One side down all I need is a 3. So after a few rolls, I made my second point. Then on the come out I roll a four, to some oohs and ahhs as I almost had the 3. I go to throw the dice and a guy right where I'm throwing them comes in with a late bet and immediately jerks his hand back up out of the way as the dice come flying low and behold, two-one baby. table goes wild and I'm getting high fives form the players. I got paid out my $2,440 and the High roller got his $24,400. It felt great.
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