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    I have practiced learning to influence dice for the last couple of years off and on. I'm not that good and have no intention of paying a couple of thousand to learn from those who teach it. I haven't been entirely convinced it's really doable until the other day at the casino. A fellow standing to my left took the dice after me and proceeded to throw the dice in a way I could only dream of. They spun together as if glued. One throw just thuded down without even a bounce hitting the point (dealer admonished him). Unfortunately he made a small slip and the dice went to far hitting the back wall before hitting the felt for a 7 out after establishing the second point. He had the farm bet and left the table in disgust. I was impressed. Now I know guys like this actually exist.
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    I'm glad you've seen this for yourself. Yes, with practice dice influence can be acheieved. It can been proven mathmatically and with results at the table. The single most factor I see why people fail to acheieve results is the lack of practice. Plain and simple. It does take time to become good at anything, and this is no different.

    And I'll mention one thing, yes, I agree with you, I think some of the people out there teaching this are overpriced. I do say this with caution gieven the fact I teach this also. But let me say, my overriding principle is my business model is to pass on the knoweldge of what I know, due to my love of teaching and my passion for the game of craps. Yes, stating this I realize that if I simply offered my services for free, that would be the absluote best secernaio, however, I do feel it's only fair to be compensated for my time. But for my prices, I know my cleints walk away KNOWING they got ther money's worth for the value and insight they received, and I didn't break their bank. The biggest complement I get is when I see the delight as they leave knowing that the value I added to knoweldge base of the dice control. And that's just the beginning of the support I continue to provide long after the lesson has ended.

    Practice, and you to can become "that guy" at the tables. Get some coaching if you need it. Every education into something new costs. Whether it's time, money or both.
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