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    TD, the bottom line is this....If a Dice Influencer is not hitting Primary hits, Secondary Hits, or his Pre-set numbers are not CONSISTENTLY finishing in the tossing plane when the dice come to a rest......ITS LUCK.

    The Sevens Roll Ratio is not a true test of skill, because a Random Roller can have Higher than expected SRR's, & just wing, & fling the dice across the table.
    That little Old Grandma tossed a 154 roll one night. Was she a Dice Influencer? I think not.

    Rick said that he happened to be on the same table with Grandma on another day & THAT time she tossed a 45 roll hand.

    If ever you witness a person that is tossing the dice Mechanically, & he/she is hitting primary, & Secondary numbers, & their die faces are consistently finishing in the tossing plane......You have found a TRUE Dice Influencer.

    Witnessing a person that says they are tossing the dice to PURPOSELY knock a die out of the tossing plane, & you are witnessing a Random Roller that THINKS .they are executing something that occurs NATURALLY.

    Look at it this way......if you are skilled enough to PURPOSELY keep a dIe flipping out of the tossing plane.....You should be skilled enough to keep the dice within the tossing plane.

    Kinda like that Bone Thrower guy with his Controlled Random Toss. Lol

    It's Random, but I controlled it. Lol
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