Reading in place of Playing

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    The two local casinos opened in May, but were closed again this past Friday. Haven't heard for how long, but I'm guessing not too long, maybe a couple of weeks.

    It seems to me that I probably won't be playing any time soon. Not as much over worry about the virus as for how badly the pandemic has messed with the business.

    Re-read all of my books over the past several months except for one by Frank S. called 'I am a Dice Controller', which is an awful read and is not in need of review.

    IMO, the two best books on the subject I have read are Grafstein's Dice Doctor and our own 777's Craps: Everything You Need to Know.

    You can pick up a lot of useful information on the game reading these two books, and almost as good, you do not get any information on the use of "skill" to improve your chances at our favorite game of chance.

    Good stuff 777.
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    I will have to look into some material. New to the game but love it. Thank you for the resources
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