Resorts World Catskills slowly reopening

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    Was up in Monticello earlier Friday so I stopped in at Resorts World Catskills to see what was going on.

    Lo and behold there was an open CRAPs table!!

    3 players per side, plexiglass dividers and plexiglass in front of the players. The table was cordoned off so anybody who wanted to watch was 6 feet behind the players.

    RWC has 4 tables, only 1 was open Friday afternoon, $25 minimum, $5000 maximum. There were 2 guys on either side of the table. Black chips were flying around. Looked almost normal, except the weird protocols they must follow. Chips lost to the house are gathered up and put in chip trays to the side; they must be sanitized before being put back in play. When the bank is exhausted the game stops and cleaned chips are brought back to the table; this really slows things down. There are tables in the pits were employees are soaking and disinfecting the chips; it was crazy. If the dice go off the table or hit someone/a dealer those dice are dead the boxman pushes out 2 clean dice; the shooter was not given a choice to use 'same dice' or pick his own new ones.

    I did not play. No interest.

    But I could not resist putting a few twenties into the VP machines.

    I hit this beauty on a progressive DDB after about a half hour of playing. Unusual drawing 2 Aces and the kicker for the big one....

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