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    Did you know you need a SRR of only 6.2 to even the odss when you place the 6 and 8? With a Dice Control lesson and some practice, this is fairly easy to accomplish. One of the reason you may still be losing with a SRR or 6.2 or higher, may be due to how you are betting. Most other bets, like placing the 4,5,9,10 require a SRR higher than 6.2 and if you don't have that, in the long run you will NOT have an edge over the casino. Sure, you may get a hot roll, but over time, you will be walking away from the table empty handed.
    Take a lesson. Even Pro Athelets have coaches. Learn more about dice control. Learn which bets are best based upon your SRR.

    The Craps Coach
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