The bohunk 6 has NOT ended!

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    A long time ago I found a casino with the bounciest tables anywhere. Borgata. I used the all 7's set and didn't do too badly. Problem was more, the table was over populated. So I would never say never play anywhere, just give me a chance with nobody around and let's see what happens.
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    Your advice is incorrect again, so it must be your ego at work when you
    try to make SR look bad for very good advice.

    When SR indicated that most people have a hard time winning on a bouncy
    table is because must DI use the PARR or GTC shot.... and that is a very difficult
    shot to use on a bouncy table. GTC itself indicates that, and one of the best shots
    I have ever seen was an instructor at GTC and the first thing he checks out in
    a new casino is the bounce of the table, if it is very bouncy, he wont even try,
    and he has he best GTC shot I have ever seen.

    The reason SR has won on a bouncy table is that he does not shoot like like most
    others do. When we first played together a number of times I was using the
    GTC shot and I was effective on some tables, we get to a very bouncy
    table and you have some in town, SR had far better results than I did.
    Exactly the same thing happens here in Wisconsin, I have two guys here that
    have taken only GTC classes. When they play on hard tables they do very well,
    when one of the casino took the hard table out and replaced it with a bouncy
    one they have done terrible. One the casino's here with the bouncy tables
    I do much better than they do because my shot is not the GTC or PARR shot.
    I have two hands over 60 this year on that bouncy table using a shot other
    than GTC or PARR, I don't think I ever got to 20 with the GTC shot.

    So TDV since your thousands and thousands of posts here seem to indicate your
    an expert, maybe you should make sure your advice is accurate.

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    I have ALWAYS said that you need more than two shots in your arsenal!

    It's also my opinion that the professional LOOKING shots (such as GTC, & PARR) will get you hassled more than any other shots (ESPECIALLY if you are winning)!

    If you don't possess a Couple of TDVegas-looking shots in your "Bag of tricks", you are in for a world of trouble!
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    So, Tom won on those tables good for him just how many times did he play there good buddy? And while we are at it where did you guys play your challenge at and how much did it cost you to play it? Did you win money or did you lose money while playing on the real tables?

    These are questions that the two of you have never answered don't you think that we need to know? By the way, I see guys winning on the bouncy tables all of the time. It doesn't matter. I hate to see trip reports where they tell about the tables they were playing on and their personal feelings about any tables they play on. I have guys coming into Vegas that love bouncy table because that is all they play on at home!

    I'm sorry that you feel that you need to defend the casinos for whatever reason you have! But I don't have to defend them and tell it like it is. I would not go out of my way to play at RedRock but the last time I was there I also won money and posted a video of it playing on their bouncy table that I was on only because I wanted to see how it was to play on!

    Now, I know that this video sucks but what can I say by the way TDVegas did you hear where I said you would have laughed at my shooting but I still walked away from it a winner?

    By the way, I'm trying to fix this video if it can be fixed!

    So when are you going to take our challenge, you should be the first one that tells us all about all of the books that you have read and anything that you have done to help any of your fellow players?
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    Flyover below the tundra
    Like lighting farts with a zippo
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    tom p