The most pivotal year in our history

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    The Most Pivotal Year In Our History
    By Ray DiLorenzo —— Bio and Archives--January 4, 2020


    2020 promises to be the most crucial and pivotal year for America, if not, certainly in our lifetime. This new year will either produce our best chance for a stable social, political, and financially secure future or it will radically alter everything this country stands for, our values, and the freedoms we have come to enjoy and take for granted.

    The Democrat Party is not your grandfather’s or even your father’s Democrat Party. It has morphed and contorted, into a deranged radical left-wing antagonist, resolved on transforming America into a secular, socialist/communist system.
    The new Democrat Party has defined deviancy up and normalcy down
    In any other time in our history, the current party leadership would have been labeled ‘enemies of the state.’ Instead, they are widely celebrated by a well-indoctrinated and ignorant youth determined to move our country to where it has never been before.

    Somehow, somewhere along the way there has been a massive deviation from the norm. The new Democrat Party has defined deviancy up and normalcy down. They claim moral superiority and, at the same time, despise it. In actuality, they have re-defined morality.
    • They support the killing of children up to birth and in some states like Virginia, their governor has expressed support for the killing of the newborn after birth.
    • They are determined to open our borders with no restrictions, without any remorse for the deaths and injury from crime, disease, and terrorism. They want to see an enlargement of the welfare state and its loyal voting block.
    • The left has recently expressed opposition to private home ownership and private property. They want strict limits on rural and suburban residences with large segments of the population moving into cities.
    • They strongly advocate for fighting climate change, one of the greatest political hoaxes in history. They want to block all use of fossil fuels, based only on theory, even though there is no current alternative. They accuse the right of perpetrating what has been naturally occurring for millions of years for which we have very little control.
    • The representation of homosexuality is now way beyond their numbers.
    • The left wants an end to unrestricted free speech.
    • The left wants an end to gun ownership. The one right that effectively keeps them at bay.
    • The left demands an end to the electoral college, leaving most of the country unrepresented.
    • The radical left wants our citizens to be totally dependent on government for healthcare and housing. Go to any Indian reservation and examine the result.
    The left knew exactly what their policies would wrought…crime, poverty, broken families, immorality, disenchantment, discontent
    • Religion, especially Christianity and Judaism, is to be removed from the public square and highly discouraged.
    • Every Democrat presidential candidate has advocated for ‘free’ health- care, ‘free’ college tuition, the investment of trillions fighting human-caused climate change, a mere theory, without the slightest idea of how to pay for it all.
    • Liberal policies have devastated the black family. In 1965, President Johnson was warned that the black family was on the verge of a “complete breakdown” because the out-of-wedlock births were at a staggering 23.6%. It is now 77%. The left has distorted the cause, now saying it is social injustice. They rabidly supports Planned Parenthood, an organization instituted for the sole purpose of ridding America of blacks and the undesirable.
    • Where Martin Luther King wanted a ‘color blind’ society, the left prefers identity politics, labeling everyone according to their race, gender, sexual preference, even religion, and political persuasion. An anathema to the very egalitarianism they preach.
    The left knew exactly what their policies would wrought…crime, poverty, broken families, immorality, disenchantment, discontent. All to make as many people as possible ready for an alternative. But their alternative is a life of limitation, dependence, and slavery. Today’s left is a conflict in terms, thought, and beliefs. What they believe will never produce the result they say they want. This leaves only the conclusion that they have something totally different in mind.

    The Democrats have become a Utopian party, imposing THEIR concept of bliss. The right is also somewhat Utopian, but freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are all achievable and proven. One is based on government dictates. The other is based on the individual’s concept of a fulfilled life.

    The last few years saw proof of a political party’s intolerance of any difference or diversion of their world view. They intend to dictate, not recommend or request. 100 million deaths in the 20th century cry out with confirmation.

    We have a choice next November, possibly the last chance for honest choice we will ever get. Choose wisely.

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