There will always be someone better at anything that I do in life

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    There will always be someone better at anything that I do in life. I accepted that fact when I was a little kid trying to better myself in the things I was doing. I was hustling pool when I was about 12 years old. I spent my time in the pool hall cleaning up so I could get table time! I watched every good player that came into the pool hall and some of them took me under their wing! They taught me about playing position and how to use english in playing pool.

    Playing pool was the cornerstone for a lot of other things I did in life. It made me a winner when I was sailboat racing. I could just look at an angle and know right away which was the fastest way to a mark.

    I learned about the psychological advantage that you could hold over someone by putting the time and practice into anything that you do.
    You don't ask someone that you see losing all of the time to help you out, no you go to the best that you can find. If you're not capable of figuring out things for yourself you go to a teacher.

    For a lot of guys that is only the way that they are going to learn anything. Maybe it sticks in their head after they have to pay for it. But what I've seen with some of these DI schools that's a joke. When their students have to keep going back and taking refresher courses!

    If someone is willing to take you under their wing and teach you, feel thankful that they are willing to spend their time with you! I will no longer spend time with anybody teaching them on a real table after being called a liar!

    Those days are over with, I will say one thing to all of you what the hell are you doing here, does it bring back memories when you were in kindergarten? Do you really think that TDVegas can help any of you out by telling you the math of the game says you can't win? Well if that is the way you look at the game all I can say is I wish you luck because you are going to need it!

    Now, I'm sure that there are a few here that know how to play the game but why in the world do you put up with all of the negativity? Here is the deal I'm inviting every one of you to Red Rock casino to see the bubble craps playing expert. See how much you can learn from him! You can find him there more than a few times a week trying to win a dollar!

    Maybe if you are really nice to him he will take you to grab a sandwich with all of those comps he gets off of the bubble machine!

    So the next time that you read that someone is better at something than you are, think about what I just wrote it's the best advice I can give any of you on this board! One more thing while I'm at it someone is not being condescending if they can do something that you can't do like winning at craps! Take the time and practice what you are doing then one day you might be that guy that you think is condescending!

    Yeah, TDVegas I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!