Those useless tests they use to disprove DI

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    I am sure you have all seen them. A pair of dropped 12" from the table. A mechanical arm tosses a set of dice with exactly the same amount of force. Dice are slid down a ramp and the results are recorded.
    What does this tell you? A few people have a little to much time on their hands lol.

    Exactly for these tests prove nothing . Why? For the same reason that a DI. does not toss a pair of dice that way. So what is lacking in these tests? Well for one there is no tourque being created in the toss. When I shoot either UH or OH from the table surface I use a certain amount of tourque. How else can you land the dice 24" out from the backwall and your next hit hits 12" and the third hit lands right before the bottom lip. It's the only way! Just try throwing the dice without tourque hitting 24" or even 30* from the backwall. No way your dice even gets to the backwall.
    How is this done? With smoke and mirrors lol. No the old answer " If I told you I would have to kill you"
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