Who has a fallback position, and what is it?

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    While I was dreaming the other night of playing with an unlimited bankroll,
    it dawned on me; not only will it not happen in this lifetime, it doesn’t have to.

    Unlimited bankroll play is for pimply rich kids who play sloppy with daddy’s money.
    I prefer to play with a sufficient bankroll albeit limited, where it’s necessary to be sharp
    and cool under pressure, patiently monitoring wins against losses and nicely locking up profit
    on an ongoing basis.

    But what if it isn’t going well?

    The ultimate is to exit the casino with your tail between your legs. Regroup to fight another day.
    But you’re no loser, so that’s really the last option. What if you could essentially do the same
    without leaving, and when you do leave it’s on your terms; proud, strong, satisfied, rock steady,
    with a smile on your face?

    The doey/don’t is a good fall back “strategy”, but maybe you’ve tried that, and felt
    as if your head would explode.

    First it takes accepting that today’s probably not going to be that last-red-chip-to-the-moon,
    kind of day. Once that reality sinks in, you say, “ya know what; I’m ok with that.
    I think I’ll aim small, have a good time, shoot the dice, double my "new" bankroll,
    and enjoy a free buffet”. You could do a lot worse.

    Here’s an example.
    Let’s say you’re applying your usual doey strategy; whatever it is, but rolls are short
    and the table’s choppier than last week’s episode of Scandal on bad Wi-Fi.
    So now it’s your last hour before that agreed upon departure.

    So you want some action with the remnants of that once proud bankroll, but at a much reduced risk.
    So you find an approach that minimizes exposure of time & money.

    How about placing the 6 & 8 - 2 hits pull down – repeat, repeat, repeat; until you’re moving
    on the preferred side of the ledger. Once momentum is your friend, incrementally work your way
    back to respectability while having a good time.

    Now go catch that bus walking proud, head held high – with dignity.

    And anyway, I don't even think you have a tail, right?

    What say you?