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    When I began playing craps, I always knew that hardways had a high house advantage, so I avoided them except when I was up a lot and the table was hot.

    Then I started to bet the point hard if it was set hard. For example, if the eight was set with a four-four on the come out, I would bet a $5 hard eight or $5 hardways, one each, high on the eight.

    Lately I have decided to hop the hardways one each on the come out roll after a front line winner (a made point or a 7 or 11 on the comeout). If I win, I take "$31 and down" and put $5 on each of the hardways, taking $7 Profit. That also allows me to have a progression that -- if a hardways hit - I add $5 to each hardway and put the profit in my rack.

    Any thoughts on this strategy.
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    If you find yourself having more fun betting this way, then I would say it's a great strategy for you.

    However, hopping the hardways are likely one of the three worst bets on the table (next to the Any Seven and Fire Bet-type-bets), so I personally think the strategy is terrible from a money management standpoint. Even normal hardways are bad - but at least they usually stay up longer than hop bets. You are no doubt aware of this, so I won't dwell on it.

    If I were determined to bet the hardways on the come-out, I'd rather have the normal hardways working (if they aren't already). Aside from the winner-7, at least they stay up after the come-out. Just my opinion.
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    Personally I play at least 1$ on the hardways and 1$ on the yo just about every roll. Does it always win me? No, but sometimes I hit a hot streak and knock down $50-100 in one roll. Hard-ways may be one of the worst bets on the table, but I find I win a lot more than I lose betting them (and working them). Just my $.02
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    Sometimes guys are throwing more hardways than others..Usually people are there 3 or 4 times around the table, and you tend to notice streaks....I look for guys at least trying to set the dice, especially for hardways...

    Last time at a casino. I won with $25 on the hard 6, by an older fellow 1st guy to the right of the dealer....So I didn't forget about him..The next time he got the dice, I was more aggresive on the hard ways. In other words, the more rolls he threw, the more I'd build up on the hard way(yes I was also covering my easy 6/8), and this time he hit a hard 8. I had $18 on that one...So in two rolls of the dice, yet on two different turns by him, I made $225 and $162=$387 bucks, just on the hardways....

    I've seen guys have a couple hundred on hardways and high/lows when they hit, but those guys have thousands they are playing with too. So it's all relative. $100 to one guy is a $1 to another, in comparison to the money they brought.
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    All proposition bets suck, for the player, mathematically. But, then, so do long-shot horses at the track and bad % wagers of any kind. Lots of players are at the table more for the occasional thrill that the props give them when the bets come in. Don't get me wrong, either, I don't think there's any harm in taking some shots at the props when you're booking a winner. But basing your basic betting strategy on the props is a fool's errand IMHO. Granted, everybody can get a blazing streak of luck and score BANKI betting props for the short run, but the House % will eventually come around in the long haul and put a serious dent in your bankroll. The only time I bet the hardways is to make 2-ways, me and the dealers, then parley the bet if it hits. This isn't allowed everywhere. If I'm playing at a place where the dealers are compelled to take down their winners, I simply double my bet, parley it if hit, then split it with the crew if it comes in again.