Hopping any number (etiquette?)

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    falcon, All................


    I like your DP playing. Here, on the West Coast, I seem to be the only DP player playing the DP side @ the Ca. Card Craps Indian Casino's.

    I just can not give up the 2 to 1 player's edge that the seven will show before the 4 or 10 points are made..... a 66.66% player's edge before the dice are

    even picked-up !

    However, recently on a trip to the big-box Casino, at Lake Tahoe, I saw stunning dice play. I walked up to the table and three older gents were shooting

    from the West-end. Their leader was shooting from SM-L, at the end of the table.

    I bought in at center-end, almost 12 feet away from the three.

    What a sight their chip racks were ! The leader ( shooter) had his first rack 3/4 full of pink $500.00 chips & his other rack was bleeding over stuffed-full of

    black $100.00 chips. The other two team-players had as many chips as their leader... between them.

    I start my DP Neg. Progression ( 10,15,25,40,65,105,175,275 ) and I lost, lost and lost.......?

    I looked up to see a sea of pink chips on the felt. The leader was setting the dice and softly floating them, from the deck, right at me. It was the

    oddest shot I have ever seen. The dice would float up near my eyes then run-out-of-gas and drop-like-a-rock... gently ' kissing' the spikes as they

    fell stone-cold-dead, right in front of me, near the, rubber-aproned, spiked base.

    Like you posted, I also switched playing sides by ' canning ' my DP play and went to the PL playing side...betting with them & passing the dice back to them.

    Stone-cold military-like action, on their part. Wow ! that shot of his was awesome ! I looked down to see I was up $1,500.00 +

    on his shooting........

    Then, I made a mistake.

    I left the table to go piss. The restrooms are in the basement...so... I took the elevator to the basement = ' bad move ' because when I got back to the

    table they had colored-up and were gone.

    I asked the stickman-kid what they colored up ?

    His white washed-out face betrayed his answer. He said they colored-up +/- $5,000.00.....

    NOT ! ...... How about 30 to 40 times that amount ?

    A mind blowing session....and.... that shot !

    Has anyone seen a shot like that before ?